How Does an Apprenticeship Work?

Various opportunities for apprenticeships in Birmingham are available, but not all aspiring apprentices will get the chance to be accommodated and hired. For those who have successfully received the chance to work as an apprentice for a company, the opportunity should be maximized and worked hard for. Though apprenticeships can be easily conceived as a way to earn while learning, there are particular steps involved in apprenticeships to make it work for both the employee and the employer.

Here is how apprenticeships in Birmingham usually work:

Starting out – An apprenticeship is an opportunity that can be duly applied for by the student or offered by the company itself to a deserving student or applicant. When you start an apprenticeship, you will become an official employee of that company and will start receiving the training you will need to do your job efficiently.

Working on the apprenticeship – To achieve your apprenticeship, an assessor will be assigned to you to meet up with you at the workplace every four or five weeks. These assessors are professionals who specialize in your filed of work; they will give you tasks or assignments that you should successfully complete in order to progress through your apprenticeship.

Finishing – Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you will be given the choice of staying with your employer and continue working for them as a permanent staff, or move on to apply for another apprenticeship, especially a higher level of apprenticeship, in another company. If you aim to obtain a higher apprenticeship, you will need to finish an advanced level apprenticeship in order to qualify.

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